Sunraysia District is situated in the North West corner of Victoria, Australia, on the Murray River. Our District also encompasses nearby parts of NSW. Sunraysia District is part of the North-West Scout Region.

Our District Badge
 (above) depicts the PV Rothbury (a local paddle boat) on the Murray River. Both sides of the river are shown to depict our two-State nature, and the colourful sunset characteristic of our district silhouettes the mallee trees on the banks. This badge was originally issued as a Sunraysia Area badge, and was adapted as our new District badge following the Victorian Branch restructure in 1995.

Our District Scarf
 is unique and very distinctive. Based on the dark green commissioners’ scarf, it features an orange edging, and yellow fleur-de-lis embroidered onto the point.

To see the old Sunraysia District Website (in all it’s HTML glory) click here!