Venturer Scouts (15-17)

The adventure is yours!

Bored? Feel like doing something with your life? Don’t know where to start? How about trying Venturers? Vents? You need no prior experience in Scouts or Guides!

What is it? It’s a do-it-yourself mix of adventure, fun, personal development and friendship!

What do you do? Knots? NO! Well, we do knots (approximately 1% of the time)!!! Instead, you may find yourself exploring the great Aussie bush, camping above the snowline, diving on coral reefs or earning your pilot’s licence.

Doesn’t sound like you? What about abseiling into a limestone cave or climbing a sheer rock face. Perhaps white water kayaking or mountain biking is more your style! Whatever you want to do, Venturers can make it happen!

Not totally into the outdoors?Venturers is not all about the outdoors! You’ll also be involved in a well-designed program to develop confidence, independence and teamwork skills. You can get involved in staging professional shows, learning responsibility for the environment and working on service projects to help others in the community. You can even boot scoot your way to your Lifestyles badge! Venturers also have the opportunity to travel around Australia and overseas for events, or to get involved in community service projects to help those in need!!!

Won’t the Leaders tell us what to do? NO!!! As Venturers, you will govern your own, democratic Venturer Unit, where the adult Leaders provide advice and guidance instead of telling you what to do!

Okay, so it’s fun, but what can it do for my future? There are leadership and management courses available that will help you in your career and personal life, and you will be working towards achieving the ultimate goal – the Queen’s Scout Award. Employers worldwide highly regard this award!

Where to from here? Venturers are serious about having a great time and getting the most they can out of life. You need no experience whatsoever to become a Venturer Scout today. What are you waiting for? You’re already missing out on what WE are doing!!!

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