Sunraysia District Jota-Joti 2021

COVID again has forced us to move what is normally a face-to-face activity (to go online) at the District Hall, to an at home event (online).

We will begin the day off with a Zoom meeting that will be kept open all day. We have people on the team to help get everyone online and communicating to Scouts & Guides around the world.

The Zoom link will be available on the Sunraysia District Facebook page. If you are not a member, go and find it!

Under 13s
Very Important!

To help protect the youth under 13, parents must give permission to ScoutLink to allow their child to access ScoutLink. Normally this is not a problem at the District Hall as there is Leader Supervision, however COVID has moved JOTI in the homes, so protection measures have been implemented.

And any user found on ScoutLink services who is determined by an operator to be under 13 years of age and without parent permission, will be banned from the network until written parent permission has been received by ScoutLink.

It’s easy to do.
Simply send an email to: [email protected] and include in the email

  1. Youth Members First Name
  2. ScoutLink “Nick” they will be using
  3. Acknowledgment from parent/guardian that data is collected by ScoutLink on the user for administration purposes
  4. Copy your Unit Leader into the email

Click on the document below for a full copy of the Procedure

U13YO Access Procedure

The Lounge – ScoutLink WebChat

ScoutLink is a digital service that provides a moderated environment for Scouts and Guides around the world to communicate. We operate every day of the year with a global reach, providing text chat through our Webchat/IRC network.

Some fun channels to join

UNO – You can play UNO via text against other Scouts (rules are here YUUNO)
Trivia – Test your knowledge on Scouting Trivia!
Trefoil – This is built for the Guides!
Youth – Good for Cubs and younger members

To go to another channel, click on the + beside the Scoutlink on the left, then search for the channel you want. (Note you really can only be in 2 channels max)

Simply click here, enter your Nick (if under 13 see “Under 13 section”), select the English channel and hit “CONNECT“!

Make sure you have read all the rules here!
And online safety tips here!

Tips & WebChat Help

Here are some ideas to get the conversation started, and some tips on getting things working

Download this to provide you some ideas that you can use to talk about yourself.

Download this and use to collect info about contacts you make, and JID codes (see further down about JID-JamPuz codes)

Handy little sheet about operating from home


Jota-Joti Opening Address 2021

It is a tradition of JOTI and JOTA to have an opening address welcoming participants to the international JOTI/JOTA weekend.

JID Codes

JamPuz is a key component of JOTA-JOTI and can be used by those participating in JOTA-JOTI using amateur radio and the internet; if you are communicating with other Scouts during JOTA-JOTI then you can take part in JamPuz!

JamPuz (short for Jamboree Puzzle) is a way to swap identity codes with other JOTA-JOTI participants that you interact with during JOTA-JOTI. Each JOTA-JOTI registered group or individual is issued with a JOTA-JOTI JamPuz ID code (known as a JID).

2021 JamPuz challenges are all in this document!
Download and see if you can fill in all the blanks!!
Collect those JID Codes!


OUR JID is: 3AU54K


Yes ScoutLink also  has a Minecraft Server.

The basics are

  1. Start Minecraft
  2. Choose Multiplayer
  3. Add new server and type as server address

When you log in for the first time you spawn at the hub. This is a global meeting place where you chose which gamemode you want to play (survival, creative, mini-games or city-world). Just walk through the portal below each heading to join that gamemode. You can also type /creative, /survival, /campdefence, /buildbattle, /werewolf, /skyworld and /city

Jota-Joti Digital Campsite

During JOTA-JOTI 2021, young people are invited to explore the Jota-Joti map and join a series of dialogues, games, live shows, challenges and talent shows while connecting with other Scouts around the world.

They are looking forward to see you this JOTA-JOTI !

Click here to explore! – You may have to register to access some activities

Link It Activity

Download this activity and use Wikipedia to see how many clicks it takes to get from one topic to another